Best Photo Spots: Shibuya

Portrait on Inokashira Avenue

Shibuya is the heart of Tokyo. Whether you are a Tokyoite or a tourist, you have probably visited or passed through Shibuya many times: the Hachiko Statue, the Scramble Crossing, Shibuya 109…this area is known as the hub for entertainment and shopping. Shibuya is very lively, but this area also has the best photo spots,…

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Photoshoot Inside Anata no Warehouse

Looking for a cool location for your next portrait shoot while in Japan? This might not sound like your typical photoshoot location, however Anata No Warehouse (translated to English as Your Warehouse)  will certainly not disappoint. Located near Kawasaki station (which is also one short train ride away from central Tokyo), Anata no Warehouse is…

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My Top 5 Japanese Beauty Products

Japan is world-wide known for the quality of its beauty products. Not only high branded products in department stores here are amazing, but you can also find good ones in your average drug store or convenience store. Luckily, I have been privileged enough to be living in Japan and to try all their incredible beauty…

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