Best Photo Spots: Harajuku

Harajuku Sign

Harajuku is the center of pop culture in Tokyo. Close to Shibuya and Meiji Shrine, the area is extremely popular among tourists, but also Japanese teenagers and youths. Harajuku is well known for its unique fashion called Harajuku style and for its kawaii culture, featuring many cute restaurants, cafes and stores. As expected, Harajuku also…

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Best Photo Spots: Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine portrait
Meiji Shrine (also known as Meiji Jingu) is the most popular shrine in Tokyo. Meiji Shrine is a well-known landmark which features a spacious temple, a museum and a forest. However, what many don’t know about is that Meiji Jingu is one of the best photo spots near Harajuku. The shrine is a great photo…

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Best Photo Spots: Fall Foliage in Tokyo 2019

Fall Foliage Tokyo 2019
Fall in Tokyo is simply stunning. All of the beautiful parks and gardens in Tokyo suddenly become breath-taking koyo (fall foliage) spots. Fall is definitely my favourite season in Tokyo and the best time to visit Japan. For 2019, the best fall foliage viewing period will be from November to early December. The fall foliage…

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