In this post I will share with you all you need to know about how to receive a job offer in Japan. Even though the advice can generally apply to any position, the post is geared more towards Sales, Marketing, and Consulting positions.

Here are the steps to pass your interview and receive an offer in Japan:

1. Ask the interviewer if there are any concerns with your profile.

Interviews can be intimidating and often out of nervousness you can make a lot of mistakes. A common mistakes is the mindset of wanting to be done with the interview and leaving the interview without asking for immediate feedbacks. This way, you lose the chance to overcome any objections and fix any mistakes you may have made.

At the end of the interview (when the interviewer asks if you have any questions), you should always ask interviewer if there are any concerns with your profile. The interviewer will likely open up about any mistakes you’ve made during the interview or any concerns about your profile. By making the interviewer open up, you can improve your profile to the interviewer.

At best, this step will answers all the concerns about yourself and presents you as the ideal candidate for the job. Secondly, it will also shows your willingness to improve, which is crucial in any job. At the worst, the feedback will help you with your next interview!

2. If you haven’t heard back, reach out through LinkedIn or email.

Often times you go into an interview thinking you did a great job, but sadly you never hear back. If you haven’t heard back after a week, reach out to the relevant recruiter through LinkedIn or email.

By reaching out this shows proactivity and drive, which are key skills, especially for sales. Secondly, by asking for feedback, you can again try to overcome any concerns with your profile. Thirdly, at the worst you can use your feedback to improve with your next interview.

The chances are the recruiters, HR, or the interviewer simply forgot to get your feedback and you may be surprised by the positive results!

3. Send a thank you for your time interview.

Shortly after the interview send a thank you for your time email to the interviewer. This will show your understanding of proper etiqutte.

Ideally, just to set yourself apart and make the email more interesting, use a HTML email. HTML emails are pleasing to the eyes and is the standard for many emails sent out by companies. To create a HTML email, you can use Mailchimp.

4. Ask for preparation interview with one of the employees

If you are interviewing for a company, get advice and help from somebody who is already working there. Reach out through LinkedIn and ask for some advice over coffee or lunch. Most people would be happy to help out!

Additionally, many companies, especially consulting and recruiting agencies, have a policy in which if somebody an employee introduced is hired, that employee will receive some gratitude bonus (roughly 300,000 to 400,000 JPY). As such, employees also have an incentive to help you get the job and share valuable information. When applying to consulting or recruiting companies, I recommend you to reach out to an employee!

5. If you are outside of Japan, be willing to come to Japan for the Final Interview.

If you are outside of Japan and interviewing for a company, one of the biggest reason of rejection is due to lack of in-person interaction or your commitment to move to Japan. Japan operates business in a highly traditional way and face-to-face interaction are highly valued. Often, without the in-person interaction the company will not trust you completely.

Companies have experienced at least one or two cases in which the candidate said they were 100% willing and motivated to move to Japan, but get cold feet when the prospect of moving gets real and decides to back out. To minimize these risks, be willing to come to Japan for the final interview and let the company know your willingness to come to Japan.

If you are willing to come to Japan, then your motivation to move to Japan is obviously high and also through face-to-face interaction you build greater trust. Most companies here in Japan have 80-90% offer rate for Final Interview candidates so your chances are really good.

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